West Country Fires

This is a refresh of the homepage, header & footer as an interim project until they have their site rebuilt. It uses a CSS3 and Flexbox based template, built using a BEM component based approach.


Console Deals UK

This site is built upon a modern MVC based PHP framework and uses CSS3 Flexbox page layouts. I was responsible for adding the Accessories & Advice sections of the site.


Love Underdogs

A dog adoption website & application built using a headless Laravel 5 application which powers with a VueJS front-end interface.


HAB Direct

A WooCommerce site built using a component based BEM approach. The site build was coupled with an improved content strategy and restructuring of their Google Ads campaign.


WP Custom Author URL

This plugin will allow you to choose a custom URL for your author links.
This can be useful if you want to link to your own Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media profile.

It currently has 2000+ downloads and 700+ active installs.


Woo Custom Empty Price

I built this plugin to fill a specific need and has gained some traction on the WordPress plugin respository recently. It allows you to add custom HTML in place of the empty price on a WooCommerce single product.


WP Dev Flag

This plugin makes it easy to distinguish between your local development site, and your live site.

I created this because I often use a local duplicate of my live site, for development, with the same DB, and the same URL.


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